Delhi: UN targets vaping at Tobacco Control Conference — a move “that could actually kill people”

E-cigarettes have been praised as a safe alternative to the costly disease and addiction brought on by smoking tobacco. So obviously, the United Nations and the World Health Organization is determined to prevent us from vaping.

That’s one of the top items on the agenda at the WHO Tobacco Control conference in Delhi.

I’m reporting from here as part of the Rebel’s determination to bring you the truth about this globalist, nanny state conference.

This agenda includes shutting down advertising about e-cigarettes and going after all the fun flavours that vaping enthusiasts enjoy. Of course, higher taxes and stricter regulations are the ultimate goal.

It’s all about unelected do-gooders trying to run your life — while shortening it:

If vaping and e-cigarettes become too costly or too much trouble, many smokers will stick with regular cigarettes, with deadly consequences.

This is just the first of my reports from Delhi. We’re here thanks to Rebel viewers, who generously crowdfunded our flights and other necessities. We’re still a little short of our security goal, and here that’s pretty important.

Thanks in advance for supporting Rebel journalism as we take you behind closed doors of this elite meeting.

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