Guide To Mechanical Mods

This guide is designed for beginners new to the world of mechanical mods.

NOTE: If you are just starting out with vaping, we don’t recommend choosing a mechanical mod as your first device as these devices do not have the inbuilt safety features of our standard ecigarette kits and require some additional knowledge of handling and monitoring lithium based batteries.

  • What is a mechanical mod?
  • Example of a mechanical mod
  • Why choose a mechanical mod?

What is a mechanical mod?

A mechanical mod is a very basic e-cig/personal vaporizer device. It is a tube that holds a replaceable rechargeable battery and on the tube is a button that when engaged completes a circuit that delivers unregulated current to the atomizer. A mechanical mod contains no wiring or soldering, nor any electronics.

Example of a mechanical mod

Mechanical mods come in all different shapes and sizes. The following is a mod set that caters to different capacity batteries.

Why choose a mechanical mod?

A major reason some vapers choose a mechanical mod aside from aesthetics is their durability. In a typical e-cigarette, the device is heavily dependent on electronics and if any component fails, repair is usually not possible for the average user. Electronic cigarettes are also basically a disposable device in that once battery end-of-life has been reached, the battery cannot be replaced.

Some choose mechanical mods for the ability to run low resistance atomizers that cannot be run on other forms of e-cigarette equipment; however, this is riskier than using standard resistance equipment, so requires special care.

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