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Long-term study shows that vaping really is safer than regular smoking

E-cigarettes are everywhere in 2017, but is vaping provably any safer than smoking? According to a new in-depth study, which analyzed the quantity of cancer-causing chemicals in the bodies of smokers, the answer is a definite yes. “To date, most studies on e-cigs have either looked at the product itself, [by analyzing the vapor/aerosol] or […]

E-cigarette vaping credited by some for sharp drop in smoking

For years now, provincial governments, public-health officials and anti-smoking groups have lobbied hard against electronic cigarettes, arguing they risk fueling a disastrous come-back in tobacco use. But the latest statistics show a sharp drop in the percentage of Canadians who smoke, and some experts argue the most plausible explanation lies in the popularity of e-cigarette […]

Delhi: UN targets vaping at Tobacco Control Conference — a move “that could actually kill people”

E-cigarettes have been praised as a safe alternative to the costly disease and addiction brought on by smoking tobacco. So obviously, the United Nations and the World Health Organization is determined to prevent us from vaping. That’s one of the top items on the agenda at the WHO Tobacco Control conference in Delhi. I’m reporting […]

#Zamplebox newly introduced add-ons are now live!

Your monthly vape mail just got that much more awesome Coils Replacement coils from the most popular brands such as: Aspire Herakles Horizon Teck Innokin Joyetech Kanger Sense Cyclone SMOK Tech TORO Uwell Wire Get a 25′ spool of Kanthal of either 24, 26, or 28 gauge wire for building coils. You can also receive […]

Evolution of E-Liquid | Going from High PG to High VG

Evolution of E-Liquid | Going from High PG to High VG   Vaping sure has come a long way in a short amount of time. Looking back to our previous blog on The Evolution of Vaping Devices we have moved from carto-tanks to sub-tanks in the span of just 4-years. It is really outstanding to watch […]

The True Cost of Vaping Revealed | Ejuice vs. Cigarettes

We all started vaping for our own reasons — similar reasons, but different stories. While nearly every government entity is against the vaping community, we continue the fight for vapers’ rights because we truly believe that our lives are happier and healthier due to vaping and staying tobacco free. With that, we wonder how much […]

Switching to vaping from smoking? A guide to quitting tobacco using e-cigarettes

With a rise in the popularity of e-cigarettes in recent years, it’s estimated that more people are vaping to help them quit smoking – of the 2.6 million e-cigarettes users in the UK, 1.1 million are understood to be ex-smokers. To help those looking to cut down or quit completely, we look at how to […]

How new rules could kill the vaping boom

If proposed FDA rules are finalized, as expected, most vaping shops will not survive, many say. When Randy Freer was trying to quit smoking, he wanted to try vaping—battery-operated devices that deliver nicotine by vaporizing liquids. (Some ex-smokers find the combo of the flavors and the ability to dial down the nicotine helps them quit.) […]

E-cigarettes: a consumer-led revolution

It has been described as a ‘disruptive technology’ potentially capable of breaking our fatal relationship with tobacco. So the setting for a public debate on e-cigarettes – a museum part-funded by the tobacco industry, in a city home to the global headquarters of one of the largest tobacco manufacturers – was perhaps ironic. Yet on […]

Is nicotine all bad?

Since he ditched Marlboro Lights five years ago, Daniel’s fix is fruit-flavored nicotine gum that comes in neat, pop-out strips. He gets through 12 to 15 pieces a day and says he has “packets of the stuff” stashed all over. But he doesn’t see himself as a nicotine addict. Like many people, Daniel believes nicotine […]