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Long-term study shows that vaping really is safer than regular smoking

E-cigarettes are everywhere in 2017, but is vaping provably any safer than smoking? According to a new in-depth study, which analyzed the quantity of cancer-causing chemicals in the bodies of smokers, the answer is a definite yes. “To date, most studies on e-cigs have either looked at the product itself, [by analyzing the vapor/aerosol] or […]

E-cigarette vaping credited by some for sharp drop in smoking

For years now, provincial governments, public-health officials and anti-smoking groups have lobbied hard against electronic cigarettes, arguing they risk fueling a disastrous come-back in tobacco use. But the latest statistics show a sharp drop in the percentage of Canadians who smoke, and some experts argue the most plausible explanation lies in the popularity of e-cigarette […]

E-cigarette users view smoke-free areas as okay for vaping

(Reuters Health) – The majority of e-cigarette users have “vaped” in a smoke-free environment and most don’t view use of the devices as harmful to themselves or others, according to a U.S. study. Nearly three quarters of users opposed banning e-cigarette use in public spaces that are designated as non-smoking, and younger users are most […]

The FBI Is Questioning Indiana’s Sketchy New Vaping Law

The FBI seems to share an opinion with many vapers in Indiana that the state’s new vaping laws look a little fishy. The agency has been interviewing lawmakers and business owners in Indiana, according to the Indianapolis Star, trying to get answers on a bizarre, strict law that is shuttering vape businesses in the state […]

The ENDS Justifies The Ends

This article was originally published on drugwise.org.uk. You would think that a product with the potential to save a billion tobacco-related deaths this century without costing tax-payers a penny would be universally welcomed by governments and the global public health community. You’d be wrong. Startling revelations from this years’ Global Nicotine Forum Conference in Warsaw. Having spent […]

Vaping Helped an Estimated 6.1 Million Smokers Quit, Study Says

An estimated 6.1 million Europeans have quit smoking by switching to vaping, according to a paper published online this week in Addiction. Though only an estimation, the study highlights the need for more data on how useful vaping may be as a stop smoking aid. It’s especially crucial as new e-cigarette regulations roll out across […]

The True Cost of Vaping Revealed | Ejuice vs. Cigarettes

We all started vaping for our own reasons — similar reasons, but different stories. While nearly every government entity is against the vaping community, we continue the fight for vapers’ rights because we truly believe that our lives are happier and healthier due to vaping and staying tobacco free. With that, we wonder how much […]

E-cigarette users say vaping makes them feel better

Vapers say switch to electronic cigarettes means they can smoke in company without offending people and their lungs feel healthier Nagy Memes Szabolcz and Georgia Samuels of Birmingham relax with an e-cigarette at Vapefest in Shrewsbury. Photograph: David Bagnall/REX Shutterstock “It helps more with the social aspect of life than anything,” said Elijah Williams, manager […]

Vaping Battery Safety 101: 6 Common mistakes vapers make with batteries

6 Common Mistakes and 6 Excellent Solutions… The topic of batteries in regard to vaping has created a lot of worry amongst everyone in the vaping community. Battery safety has become a dreaded subject for many. I suppose the only way I can really address battery safety is the way that I would when I […]

Switching to vaping from smoking? A guide to quitting tobacco using e-cigarettes

With a rise in the popularity of e-cigarettes in recent years, it’s estimated that more people are vaping to help them quit smoking – of the 2.6 million e-cigarettes users in the UK, 1.1 million are understood to be ex-smokers. To help those looking to cut down or quit completely, we look at how to […]