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E-cigarette vaping credited by some for sharp drop in smoking

For years now, provincial governments, public-health officials and anti-smoking groups have lobbied hard against electronic cigarettes, arguing they risk fueling a disastrous come-back in tobacco use. But the latest statistics show a sharp drop in the percentage of Canadians who smoke, and some experts argue the most plausible explanation lies in the popularity of e-cigarette […]

E-cigarette users view smoke-free areas as okay for vaping

(Reuters Health) – The majority of e-cigarette users have “vaped” in a smoke-free environment and most don’t view use of the devices as harmful to themselves or others, according to a U.S. study. Nearly three quarters of users opposed banning e-cigarette use in public spaces that are designated as non-smoking, and younger users are most […]

Vaping Helped an Estimated 6.1 Million Smokers Quit, Study Says

An estimated 6.1 million Europeans have quit smoking by switching to vaping, according to a paper published online this week in Addiction. Though only an estimation, the study highlights the need for more data on how useful vaping may be as a stop smoking aid. It’s especially crucial as new e-cigarette regulations roll out across […]

Millions of kids used e-cigarettes last year

Stephen Dorff is apparently more influential than we all thought — if the youth of America even know who he is. Last year 3 million middle-schoolers and high-school students used e-cigarettes as their preferred method of tobacco delivery, according to a report by the Center for Disease Control. The CDC says that this carries over […]

Evolution of E-Liquid | Going from High PG to High VG

Evolution of E-Liquid | Going from High PG to High VG   Vaping sure has come a long way in a short amount of time. Looking back to our previous blog on The Evolution of Vaping Devices we have moved from carto-tanks to sub-tanks in the span of just 4-years. It is really outstanding to watch […]

E-cigarette users say vaping makes them feel better

Vapers say switch to electronic cigarettes means they can smoke in company without offending people and their lungs feel healthier Nagy Memes Szabolcz and Georgia Samuels of Birmingham relax with an e-cigarette at Vapefest in Shrewsbury. Photograph: David Bagnall/REX Shutterstock “It helps more with the social aspect of life than anything,” said Elijah Williams, manager […]

How The Media Totally Exaggerated Study On Risk Of ‘Popcorn Lung’ From E-Cigarettes

A Harvard study claiming most e-cigarette brands expose users to harmful chemicals omits critical information and exaggerates the risks of flavored e-cigarettes, according to tobacco control experts. The study, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, analyzes a host of e-liquid flavors to discover levels of potentially dangerous chemicals diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, and acetoin. The […]

Vaping: e-cigarettes safer than smoking, says Public Health England

Vaping is safer than smoking and could lead to the demise of the traditional cigarette, Public Health England (PHE) has said in the first official recognition that e-cigarettes are less damaging to health than smoking tobacco. The health body concluded that, on “the best estimate so far”, e-cigarettes are about 95% less harmful than tobacco […]

Vaping takes off as e-cigarette sales break through $6bn

UK sales of nicotine replacements such as patches and gum fell for the first time in years as consumers turned to vaping devices to kick the habit. In a sign that British consumers are increasingly using e-cigarettes as a crutch to quit smoking, domestic vaping sales increased by 75pc to £459m while spending on nicotine […]

Is nicotine all bad?

Since he ditched Marlboro Lights five years ago, Daniel’s fix is fruit-flavored nicotine gum that comes in neat, pop-out strips. He gets through 12 to 15 pieces a day and says he has “packets of the stuff” stashed all over. But he doesn’t see himself as a nicotine addict. Like many people, Daniel believes nicotine […]