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Delhi: UN targets vaping at Tobacco Control Conference — a move “that could actually kill people”

E-cigarettes have been praised as a safe alternative to the costly disease and addiction brought on by smoking tobacco. So obviously, the United Nations and the World Health Organization is determined to prevent us from vaping. That’s one of the top items on the agenda at the WHO Tobacco Control conference in Delhi. I’m reporting […]

The ENDS Justifies The Ends

This article was originally published on drugwise.org.uk. You would think that a product with the potential to save a billion tobacco-related deaths this century without costing tax-payers a penny would be universally welcomed by governments and the global public health community. You’d be wrong. Startling revelations from this years’ Global Nicotine Forum Conference in Warsaw. Having spent […]

Promote e-cigarettes over harmful tobacco smoking, say experts

Health chiefs across the UK have been urged to take a less negative attitude towards e-cigarettes and embrace their use in the battle against more harmful tobacco smoking. The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) says a public education programme is needed to differentiate the problem of addiction to nicotine, which is an ingredient in […]

To vape or not to vape?

The sight of colleagues and acquaintances taking a drag on an e-cigarette has become commonplace. But have we reached “peak vape”? Statistics suggest that vaping among smokers and recent ex-smokers, who comprise the vast majority of vapers, may already be on the decline. The figures will be studied closely by the major e-cigarette firms, which […]

We Should Cheer E-Cigs and Vaping, Not Equate it With Smoking

Walking down the streets of New York I see more and more people using e-cigarettes. I see them enjoying their e-cigarette outside a bar or as they hustle down the street and it is easy to imagine that these e-cigs have replaced their previous form of tobacco intake, the cigarette. I instantly feel a solidarity […]

Tell Young People the Truth: E-Cigarettes and Vaping Flavors Help People Quit Smoking

Elected officials and anti-smoking advocates need to re-think their knee-jerk reaction and hostility to e-cigarettes and vaping. It seems like every day we hear a new attack – yet these products are actually helping some people quit or cut back on the much more dangerous alternative of smoking tobacco. In May, a large study out […]

E-cigarettes not ‘part of the problem’ with tobacco, scientists tell UN

Scientists have urged regulators not to introduce restrictions on the use of electronic cigarettes, arguing that limiting the use of such products could cost millions of lives. In a joint letter, 53 researchers and public health specialists from around the world call on the UN World Health Organisation (WHO) to “resist the urge to control […]