The True Cost of Vaping Revealed | Ejuice vs. Cigarettes

We all started vaping for our own reasons — similar reasons, but different stories. While nearly every government entity is against the vaping community, we continue the fight for vapers’ rights because we truly believe that our lives are happier and healthier due to vaping and staying tobacco free. With that, we wonder how much money we have actually saved by making the switch to vaping.


How much does vaping cost?

The cost of vaping is determined by so many different factors. The biggest factor is the price of e-liquid. The amount of e-liquid a vaper uses depends on the individual and the device they use. For instance, if a person is just using 10ml-15ml of e-juice per day, then yes, that vaper is saving money compared to smoking a pack of cigarettes each day. However, vapers using more than 10ml-15ml may not be saving. Even if a person is vaping more in the cost of e-liquid than they were in smoking, it is important to think of what else they are improving and saving because of vaping.


Any vaper is able to look at themselves and know the ways that vaping has helped improve their lives.

Approximate Cost of E-liquid

Amount per dayAmount per weekRetail price per weekZamplebox price per week
5ml or less 35ml or less $43.75 or less $9.45 or less
5ml – 10ml  35ml – 70ml $43.75 – $87.50 $9.45 – $18.90
10ml – 15ml 70ml – 105ml $87.50 – $131.25 $18.90 – $28.35
15ml – 20 ml 105ml – 140ml $131.25 – $175.00 $28.35 – $37.80
 20ml – 30 ml 140ml – 210ml $175.00 – $262.50 $37.80 – $56.70
 30ml – 40 ml 210ml – 280ml $262.50 – $350.00 $56.70 – $75.60
 40ml – 60ml 280ml – 420ml $350.00 – $525.00 $75.60-$113.40
60ml or more 420 or more $525.00 or more $113.40 or more


Based on the average cost of a 15ml eliquid bottle and price per milliliter of eliquid.


Poll taken from members in Zamplebox Family Member Facebook Lounge. 

Most ZampleBox members in our poll vape between 5ml – 15ml per day. 


Where is your money going when you vape?

Each time you buy a bottle of eliquid, you are buying into something greater, without the realization that you are doing so. Whether you are buying from ZampleBox or a local vape shop, the root of each of these purchases starts with a small business. The vaping industry has created a chain of jobs and careers that is growing by the day. Manufacturers, distributors, brick and mortar shops, sales workers…that is what you are buying into. Every bottle of e-liquid purchased is the reason someone has a job. The manufacturer creates an e-juice, they sell it to a ejuice distributor or vape shop, that vape shop hires a sales worker, that sales worker sells the e-liquid to you, the buyer. Each of those jobs created is a paycheck given and a paycheck spent. So, as vapers we are not only buying into our health, we are buying into an industry that we believe in, and it shows.


Approximate Cost of Smoking

Pack’s Per WeekCost Per WeekFederal Tax Per WeekWashington State TaxNew York State Tax
 1 pack per week $9.00 $1.01 $3.025 $4.35
 2 packs per week $18.00 $2.02 $6.05 $8.70
 3 packs per week $27.00 $3.03 $9.075 $13.05
 4 packs per week $36.00 $4.04 $12.10 $17.40
 5 packs per week $45.00 $5.05 $15.125 $21.75
 6 packs per week $54.00 $6.06 $18.15 $26.10
 7 packs per week$63.00 $7.07 $21.175 $30.45
 8+packs per week $72.00+ $8.08+ $24.02 $34.80
 10 packs/carton $90.00+ $10.10+ $27.225 $39.15

Based on approximately $9 per pack of cigarettes.

Where is your money going when you smoke cigarettes?

Each time you buy a pack of cigarettes, you are buying into government power. Don’t believe me? Well, look at the numbers: In 2013, State and Local Taxes on cigarettes brought in a combined total of $4,046,700,000. Along with state tobacco taxes, which vary from $0.17 – $4.35 per pack, there is also a federal tobacco tax of $1.01 per pack that President Obama put into place in 2009. We must not believe that federal, state and local governments are the only ones against vapers though. The tobacco companies are just as bad. Over the years, they have actually decreased the nicotine in cigarettes and increased the harmful ingredients that are even more addictive than the nicotine itself. This has increased the amount of cigarettes that smokers are using per day, so they buy more than they would have years ago.


Photo Credit: TaxFoundation

The typical ZampleBox member who quits smoking and subscribes to ZampleBox will definitely save money, and they will be contributing to the vaping comunity instead of paying taxes that might be used to shut down vaping!

If someone who smokes a pack of cigarettes per day switches to vaping and uses 10ml – 15ml of ejuice every day, they will be saving up to $40 per week.  

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