Vaping helps smokers quit – and e-cigs work better than nicotine gum

Vaping can help cigarette smokers kick the habit, a study has found – and e-cigarettes are more effective than other methods of giving up.

Nine per cent of those using electronic cigarettes, which work by vaporising a solution that usually contains nicotine, were able to quit smoking after a year – twice as many as those using nicotine patches.

Among those who did not quit, more than one in three were able to halve the number of cigarettes they smoked. Prof Peter Hajek, one of the leaders of the British and New Zealand study for the Cochrane Library, said more trials were needed.

The review did not mean e-cigarettes were totally safe, he added.

‘There may be an element of risk in using them… but we are comparing them with cigarette smoke which kills – ultimately – one in two users, and the difference in health risks would be massive,’ Prof Hajek said.

Deborah Arnott, head of health charity Action on Smoking and Health, said the review showed e-cigarettes could help smokers quit.

‘It should stimulate more research, which is what is needed in this important area of public health which has the potential to save lives,’ she said.

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