Evolution of Vaping Devices | Part TWO

Welcome back for a little more on the history of vaping devices.

In Part I of Evolution of Vaping Devices we talked about the early days of our vaping history. So when did vaping actually begin to boom? Nobody knows! Okay, not really, but vaping evolution is hard to keep up with. Let’s find out what came after those wonderful carto-tanks we all loved so very much!



Genesis Tanks | January 2012


Photo Credit: Aussie Vapers

Two of the first Genesis style tanks made were the “Katana” by Piece of Cake and the “Zen” from House of Hybrids. A genesis-style tank has a build deck on top of a tank which holds the e-liquid.  Types of wicking methods include: Stainless steel mesh (which is the most popular because of the crisp taste), cotton yarn, or silica. For their time, Genesis tanks were some of the most popular tanks and hybrid devices around. They were very tricky to build, but once they were built they withstood months of vaping.



Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers | Summer 2012


Photo Credit: Get Vaped

RDA’s. Dripper. Atty’s. Drip Mod. Rebuildable. All names that today mean the same thing; that is Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. Out of the 3 major (Genesis, Kayfun, RDA) rebuilding options RDA’s were the biggest to take off. They weren’t hard to build and it did not take as much patience as a Genesis or Kayfun. While many vapers are steering away from building with the invention of sub-tanks, there will always be the hobbyist that loves nothing more than their favorite rebuildable dripping atomizer.

Note: The RDA in the picture above is called the Squid RDA. I know this was one of the very early Rebuildable Drippers. However, I do not believe it was the first. If any of my readers happen to know the first RDA I would love to know, so please comment below! Thanks guys!



Second Generation Clearomizers | 2012


Photo Credit: Vapor Movement                          Photo Credit: Premiere Vapor                        Photo Credit: King Pen Vapes

The second generation clearomizers had an atomizer that is inserted into the tank so vaper’s could change out the heating element without having to replace the whole tank. This was a revolution for the clearomizer.


 Photo Credit: CigVape                                          Photo Credit: Complete Vape

Later on, bottom coil clearomizers came out and these relied on gravity to bring the e-liquid to the wicking and coil. Like carto-tanks, Even though these style of tanks have become even more advanced since the first bottom coil, these are still one of the most common types of tanks that vapers use and are what we see in most starter kit’s for vaping. Clearomizers can be made with adjustable airflow control, they can be plastic or glass, and come in many different resistances.



The Boom | 2013


Photo Credit: Denver Electronic Cigarettes                                           Photo Credit: The Vapor Factory


In the year 2013 the world of vaporizers boomed passed anything that people really expected. Devices became more powerful and vapor production became huge. Rebuildable RTA’s, RDA’s, and Genesis Tanks, all gained so much popularity.




Mechanical Mod’s and Cloud Chasing | 2014



Even though Mechanical mods were around for quite a while they really hit it big in 2014 when the Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers got bigger and more functional. People gathered for build parties and showed their friends how to make different style’s of coils. This led to the popularity of cloud chasing. Friends who would sit and rebuild their RDA’s together started to challenge their friends to competitions and it created a buzz of vape meets and local get-togethers among vapers of all kinds.



The year of the Sub-Tank | 2015



Photo Credit: Mist Hub

The Atlantis by Aspire was the first Sub-ohm tank to hit the market in 2015 and it definitely changed the way that we vape today. One year after the first sub-tank hit the market there are hundreds available now and these are becoming many new vapes first starter kits.



What is to come? | 2016


Photo Credit: Aspen Valley Vapes

It is really hard to tell where vaping will go from here. The industry has grown so fast that each breakthrough seems to be the final one, but it’s not. Just this past year the DNA 200 came out that made the Hana DNA 30 seem like decades ago. Some people are going to smaller and sleeker devices and some people are going to even larger and more powerful devices.


Did I miss anything in the history of vaping? Please let me know by commenting below! 🙂



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